Couple days diving was tiring for sure. I was looking forward to being back on land, and getting a few logistics done. On this type of trip there is always something that one needs to consider, plan for and take care of while you have the right time and place.

First was to switch out my front tire. Currently7 was TKC 80 with about 9K miles… and I knew it would not make it across to Perth. I had called ahead to CJ at Wayne Leonard Motorcycles and he had the tire I wanted on hand.

Actually when I first arrived, he did not have the exact tire, but then a shipment arrived 🙂 Glad I had called ahead to give him some warning!

Parked the bike on the sidewalk, and took off the front wheel. Just had them switch it out!

New tyre mounted. Mitas E-07 should be good for the conditions ahead

Then I got my MedJet renewed, and a couple other logistics for later on in my journey. Also got some time to relax and rest up!!

And last night I watched the big State of Origin Rugby Game on the Tely

Final scrum

And I was told I needed to cheer for Queensland

and they won again.