Another busy week Welcome to another week in my office

Dirt_bloke contacted me and was up in the area for his son’s soccer matches. Was able to ride up and enjoy a match and chat one afternoon.

Met up with Pete, Connor and his parents, which was a great interaction with some wonderful Aussies!

Then back to Cairns to meet up with Ed and Susie …… But Ed had a bit of a get off in a big “bull” dust hole on the way up to Cape York. After the crash, it took 8 days before he could get his boot back on……. Then they decided….. might as well continue up to Cape York Once back in Cairns, about 30 days after landing on his foot, it was time to see the Doctors.

Meeting Ed as he hobbled out of the Emergency room to meet up.

After X ray’s and MRI scans of his foot….. took all day …… He had broke 9 bones in his foot and ankle YIKES! Guess they will decide if surgery is needed to repair the damage. Good luck healing!!

While getting to know Ed and Susie…. Had to check out Susies Bike. Liked the words on her rear fender.

Awaiting a full definition of this!

And Susie was kind enough to add her Quote to my bike!!

So once Ed gets his foot sorted out and healed up he is off to South America to ride!! Wahooo! He already quit his job, and is on his way!

For the weekend, My friend Rod whom I met on the Antarctic cruise and he made the mistake of inviting me to stay if I made it to Cairns I did.

Rod also invited Nick a good mate to join us, and we were to meet up with some other friends from his childhood as we rode up to Port Douglas and Cape tribulation for the weekend!

Nice road up along the coastline and further into the rainforest!

Through the back roads and Cane fields !!

We met up for a coffee at a fancy resort along the way, so that all of Rod’s assorted friends could meet for the first time and of course the weekend was spend heckling and teasing Rod about a variety of personal issues

No photos were taken but most of us had a good time (except maybe Rob )

But the resort was great. One that my wife Chris would have liked to stay!

Very lust, green and colorful

Once past Port Douglas we got to the ferry to get us to Cape Trib.

Of course, we had lots of Warnings about the local wildlife. The Cassowaries are large birds like Emu’s but can be very aggressive.

and of course I am now in fresh and Salt water Crocodile land.

Learning some of the basic safety about Crocs.

Then the road warnings

Feeling very tropical here!

Exploring a bit.

And a bit of a creek crossing for Nick and me, as Rod was busy entertaining his mates. Oh, it got deep, and I put a foot down and filled my boot with water (but I kept going and crossed the creek, and we rode back up the same road and had to cross it again

Nice views. very relaxed ride up the coast!

We stopped for some food along the way, and looked at the beautiful beaches….. But you cannot swim here due to the Crocs and also the Jellyfish (at certain times of the year)

enjoyed the time we shared together!!

Stayed at a family run place, and enjoyed the wildlife.

Then the next morning we had a beautiful morning, and the owner put on a little Croc feeding show.

Rod and Nick courageously behind the fence

Doris was about 3 meters long (10 feet)

Then over to pet and feed the Wallaby’s & Kangaroo’s. Young Conor feeding a swamp Wallaby. He was right at home with the animals!!

This Kangaroo decided that we were not feeding him fast enough and helped himself!

Nice sunny day to ride back to Cairns.

and when you have a great weekend on the Cape Tribulation …… makes you want to do a little jump.

And Nick and Rod try to join me. Nice one Nick!!

Cape Kimberly Beach was stunning!!

And part of the reason that the beach looks so great is that people Volunteer to clean up the beaches. We met some of the Organizers Heidi and Char

They are amazing as they get volunteer help to clean up the beaches, and they actually count and tabulate the types and amounts of trash that washes up on the beach so that they can try to work to stop it from happening! Lovely woman doing great environmental works!

Here is the organization.

Working with the Australian Government

Then riding down the coast we met up for lunch again with Rod’s Childhood friend Jock and his lovely Partner Jules. and spent the afternoon giving Rod lots of heckling But of course he loves it

Again at a fancy 5 star place for lunch, with amazing views.

The birds in a bird bath….

As we rode back down the coast we stopped in Palm Cove for a coffee.

It was a great weekend riding and sharing time with Rod and his Mates! Has been great reconnecting with another traveler, motorbike that I met early in my travels in South America/Antarctic! Thanks Rod for the great hospitality !