Camooweal to Alice Springs

As the sun comes up in the East

the Moon as still out to the west

Another long riding day ahead…. So I am up a sunrise.

I ride the 11Km to the Border with Northern Territory. My 5th Australian State!

As I cross into NT, the speed limit goes way up. I have a big day ahead, so this is good!

Rolling westward. The beauty is in the expanse of the country….. Just amazing.

As I ride alone out in the vast spaces I pass some Grey Nomads (they mostly all wave) and road trains. Everyone is going somewhere.

My first stop in NT is Barkly Homestead

It is the most I have ever paid for Petrol. 2.09 per liter. or $8.5 per Gallon

but what are you going to do?

In the US we think our 18 Wheelers are big But the road trains are huge. This one is 62 Wheels. Boy do I feel small out here with these!

I made it to Threeways by noon. Now just another 530Km down to Alice Springs

Fortunately this is a speed limit that the F800GS likes …..even if I creep over a bit

Lots of miles to think about life, this trip and the vastness of Australia. How can I possibly share this.

Another stop on the way.

Every stop needs a take line. Pub nearest the center

couple hundred miles of this….

and I roll into Alice Springs the Red Center of Australia

Was here 25 years ago…. It was a tiny town, now it has become a huge tourist area. But still 450 Km to Uluru /Ayers Rock