Riding North from the Big Red Center of Australia

A few have commented that I am moving along quickly through the middle of the outback. It is a long way to anywhere here, and I have enjoyed the long days riding through the outback. Stopping at all the roadhouses along the way, but riding 700-900KM a day

First stop north of Alice is Tropic of Capricorn

Looks who’s been there before me. Simon and Lisa

It is a remote place. If your car breaks down sometimes you just leave it.

Most of the Roadhouses have character and history as they were the stops along the way for the travelers. Most people do not get to see the big expanses of the outback, as it takes time and money to go the distances.

Some displays of Aboriginal Art

Cannot imagine covering this territory 50-80 years ago by car.

As I continue up the road south of Tennant Creek, there is the Devils Pebbles National Reserve.

These are huge Granite rocks, that are just sitting about.

Playing Atlas

IdahoSam this one is for you. Learning to speak the Aussie Language. “she’l be Right, Mate”

More road trains headed north.

As I continue up north…. the signs say Explorers Highway

I arrive into Daly Waters and see the “historic Pub” in the town.

Looks good. Book myself in and head into the pub. Temps are 28C (85F) time to relax after 900KM of riding!

In the beer Garden is a Aussie Folk singer. Really great to sit back with some grey Nomads and enjoy some music!

Pub has been here a long time and the “town” has some real history as the first International Airport in Australia For flights from London, and also used in WWII.

The pub is decorated up with lots of stuff. License plates from all over the world.

Had a bit of a “feed” and a couple of “middies” of beer.

Typical Aussie Bloke in his shorts and boots.

It was a great place to stop over.