Welcome to the Top End, as they call it here.

Took a 4 hour boat trip up 3 of the Katherine Gorges

It was a relaxing day as we proceeded up the Gorge, then got out and walked a bit to the next part of the gorge and another boat, so we could see three of teh 5 gorges.

Some Aboriginal paintings on the gorge walls.

Just interesting colors and foliage on some of the walls.

Kayakers out exploring the gorges

Touristy boat, but lots of interesting facts on the water levels, flood, Croc’s etc

The water has shaped the rocks in this place.

Freshwater Croc hanging out in the sun.

It was a great day going up the gorges.

Back up to my Tent Village for a bit of a rest!

and a little time enjoying the pool.

Smelling the flowers of course!

Meeting up with Dick and Diana for a evening beer and wonderful dinner!! Thanks You two!!

and another colorful sunset.

Diana got a new camera. The features are really funny. Here we have “puffy Eye Fix

Next morning the colors of the sky and clouds while I was getting packed up where wonderful!

Next morning we are off heading West….

The landscape changing….

And the big Baobab Trees started appearing. Beautiful

Just enjoying the roads winding southwestward

Lots of signs warning to be prepared with gear, fuel etc. Also lots warning of getting sleepy behind the wheel.

Then we rolled to the boarder with Western Australia which will be my last State in Australia so that I have been to all of them + the 2 Territories (Tassie and ACT on past trip here).

Arrived in Kununarri in the afternoon. Got up on the rocks just near town to watch the sunset!

The sun lighting up the hills behind us!

Looking where I am headed

having a great time with Dick and Diana!!

what a great way to end a great day of riding across Australia!