Next Morning we planned to explore the Bungle Bungles closer up.

We booked this to get there. Just made life easier

it was over 2 hours drive on washboarded road.

But it was worth it as we got to get out and walk around and into some chasms

They are amazing Sandstone cones. The black and grey that has built up on the sandstone from the water that has rained on them, helps keep them standing, but the other areas are eroding faster.

This is called the Cathedral. Pictures do not really share the beauty and magnitude of the “cave”. But we were treated to Diana’s lovely voice inside the Cathedral! WOW very cool!

Then into one of the longer Chasms. Dick walking ahead to give a small bit of Scale!

On the western side, it looks different!

Back in camp after the sun goes down……

Another great day in the Western Australian Kimberly’s!