Tom Price is an Iron Ore mining town. They have been digging up Iron ore since the 50’s and the equipment they use to do the work is huge.

We signed up for a morning Mine tour to go take a look at one of Rio Tino’s mines.

Safety in the mine is very serious. Hardhats and closed toe boots, and seat belts a must on the tour!

The tour gave lots of facts on the amount of Iron ore that is being mined, how it is done, the equipment that is being used.

Huge amount of earth that has been removed.

Trucking the Iron ore around to the processing plant.

All the grades of ore are kept separate, and processed.

and moved around with diggers, conveyer belts and loading equipment onto trains cars or Road trains.

Was interesting tour as we demand more and more raw materials to produce products around the world. All this ore is shipped overseas to be made into steel.

Of course as a guy, seeing huge equipment is amazing.

Then back on the road and riding west to the coast.

on the long stretches of road, there is lots of roadkill of all kinds, but have seen a great deal of Cattle dead along the road, since we have been out west.

Rode until the sun went down in order to arrive in Exmouth.