The next morning at Monkey Mia, another good Sunrise. Just like great motorcycle riding roads are created around Mountains, lakes and rivers, Sunsets and Sunrises look great with water.

and the colors get better

The morning Dolphin feeding….. People lining the beach.

but what is cool, is that the Dolphins are seen all around when there are no crowds.

Met up with Rob (?) and Lisa whom I met on the Whale Shark swim. They are driving a van around OZ for 6 months!

after a walk along the beach enjoying the beauty of the oceans

Packed up and started riding South

Taking a few side tracks to see the ocean.

then it turns to sand


And just over this bay is the Western Most point in Australia. Steep Point.

riding south, there is more interesting bays

Then further down, another track that looked interesting

Very cool shell beach

Taking a bit of time to smell the flowers and enjoy the view!

Even looking up, sets some great imagines in my mind.

Then back out to the main hwy

This is the turn off to ride the 140 KM to Steep Point. “useless Loop”. Decided not to spend the time to ride the track all the way out to take a photo, then turn right around and ride back. “useless” won out.

Then further on.

Love the shapes and beauty that the world around us holds.

I rolled down the West coast. Wow Perth is now only 500 KM away…. But still some places to stop and see. Kalbarri is know for it’s cliff …

Took too many photos at Pots Point!