Perth ….. and a quick ride south!

Bike service completed CHECK

Shipping of bike scheduled CHECK

Airline Flight booked CHECK

Gear Sorted out CHECK

Lots of great people and fun in Australia CHECK
So time to go for a ride to see a bit more of Australia to the south of Perth. The generosity and connection with the Australians has been amazing. I had 4-5 offers of places to stay in Perth (could not take everyone up unfortunately, as every one of my experiences with local people has been amazing and rewarding in so many ways). But as I was heading south Gibba contacted me and we arranged to meet up as I rode south along the coast!

Roger guided me along some beautiful coastline near his home.

Huge grain shipping port

Then decided that I would indeed stay with Roger and his family! It was great to meet and stay with a young family! Brought back many memories of raising my step son and all the energy that younger kids have Thanks so much to Roger, Jo, Jennal I had the privilege of a “play” and the attention of wonderful young kids! Practiced a bit of footie in the backyard… and the Kids had a bit fo time with Radioman

THANKS again!!

Next morning we took another ride. Was not my original plan, but Radioman bought a new pair of “shoes” which I have been thinking about since I was at Rob’s in Cairns (as they were quickly needing new soles…after many hundreds of thousands of riding miles) ….. So we road back up to the Motorcycle shop where my boots arrived.

ETA was great and wanted to make sure she handed over the new SIDI boots.

Amazing how comfortable the SIDI Adventure boots are, right out of the box.

After filling up with fuel. This advertisement caught my eye. I have always been an advocate to thinking about, preplanning and organizing your wishes in relations to what happens when you die. That way your loved ones know and have less burden at the difficult time!

Then we turned south and got out of the city! Down the Albany Hwy since it was more scenic!

Nice rural rolling hills, farms, sheep and nice empty roads.

a mix of farms and forests

I rode to Bridgetown and a twisty road to Nannup then onto Bussleton for the night.