The final days in Perth.

Thanks Craig and Roger (RM updates are getting to old news )

Returned to Perth and wrapping up my time in Australia!

Met up with Jonathan and Pru one evening. Wonderful time with my “own Personal Chef” Great meal and conversations! Thank you two!

and also with up Michael whom I met in South America Ushuia. As he bought a 250 in US and rode for 9 months to fin del Mundo. Cheers Mate! Good to see you again and catch up!

Then all the last details to get ready to ship out.

Cleaned my bike spotless CHECK

Count the Cash needed for the shipment. (more on this later) but it was easiest to pay at the bank with cash.

Go to bank and make final payment in Cash. CHECK

Rob had helped me source some new Stickers as I was almost out. Now in two sizes (but we had to hand cut them up)

Thanks Mate!

Loving seeing the Neon clad Posty riders on their bikes.…IMG_6166-L.jpg

Then into BMW Perth to get my bike crated up!

Thanks to Jonas for having a crate ready for me!! and David was a great sales guy that helped me out. Had another great experience with BMW shop!

They had the base pallet all laid out for me! Rode right on, finished cleaning up the bike, and removing part of fairing, and other bits of shipping.

Rode in with zero bars of fuel, disconnected the battery and removed the front wheel before strapping it all down.

All strapped down and ready for the final crating

completed the crate and rails

Bike ready for shipping CHECK

Then as arranged with Ivan at They came to pick it up and deliver it to the airport !!

Thanks to Rob and Jon of the BMW Club of Perth for the opportunity to share a presentation of my ride around the world. This is the first one I have done, and it was great to share some photos, videos and answer questions! Had to start off with a bit of the history of the Journey with Alzheimer’s disease that Chris my wife and I shared. Sad but true.

Then onto some fun stories and experiences! Thanks for everyone who came out of fairly short notice!!

Must have been a reflective moment. I have been know to talk with my hands a bit

Real time updates…… Just arrived at the airport !! Off I go!