After arriving late into Dubai, got a cab to hotel. Awoke to my first day views of the city.

Just a little detour. But flying Emirates, that is the hub so my flight was going to come here anyway.

checked out the pool.

Had to get the spot updated and read about what to see and do.

Weather will be hot for my couple day visit!

So I had a plan and was going to get the Big Tour Bus that did a hop on hop around the big sights in the city. Then I spoke with concierge, and he said for the same price I can have my own driver from the hotel take me around…. Since I was only coming to Dubai for a couple days …. it is a quick sightseeing trip, I stayed at a nicer hotel in town. Living Large for two days.

So off we went. Lots of Mosques to see.

and of course the Iconic building and hotels all around town. The wealth and Luxury here is amazing.

Burj al Arab 7 star Luxury (cannot go in, if you are not staying!) Bit too much for me

but a look into some of the other 5 star hotels at this end of town.

The hotels are amazing. this is looking up. The artwork, design and architecture
is luxury and over the top.

Lots of Marble and tile work

Just a very interesting city to visit.

and of course the cars.

Building of all shapes and construction

and painted ceiling…

But of course there were things that make you laugh. Only here.

I am not interested in shopping …. But the Huge Shopping Malls are big here. So I had to go to one.

But wanted to see this..

Winterland in the desert

Thought about skiing, but after growing up in PNW…. it would not be a challenge …. just a novelty.

and more cars

What is amazing is all the western companies that have shops here.

Being in a Muslim country. There are rules to follow.

fortunately, everything is also in English

Then the Worlds Tallest building. Saw something that said it is 2 times the size of the Empire state building. You can go up to the 126th floor…. but I did not book head so it was $125 ticket

The leaders of Dubai

Then the markets. Here is the Gold Souks

The daily rate of Gold posted.

More that the eyes can handle

and in the markets… lots of vendors trying to draw me in to hold onto the products, by watches, cloths etc.

Long day seeing the city.

But Shane (Reefdog) contacted me and came to the hotel to pick me up. He invited me for dinner and drinks! He’s a “Helo Driver” and rides an F800GS! Has ridden in Iran and other places!

His wife Alex cooked a lovely meal. Thanks Shane and Alex for the evening out!