Normally I would start with a post then video…… But yesterday was awesome!

We started off early at about 6:30 to get to Caledon meeting pint. In cape Town it was foggy, but was a beautiful way to start the ride. What I am struck by right away, is the people that are along all the roadsides, including the roadways that you are riding 120KM

Riding out into the mountains the sky clears, as we look back at Cape Town.

Table Mountain above the clouds.

Lily taking photos of the beautiful scenery!

More signs that make me smile.

The mist across the rolling hills is a great way to start the day!

We arrive but need petrol. They fill your motorbike…

We arrive for the Canola Run. It is a big event on Wild Dogs forum here. Was great to see so many other riders of all kinds of bikes!

The bike got a little attention as people realized I was not from here Photos of the stickers and QR code to see the blog page

Quickly we are off riding through some beautiful countryside and farmlands. The Canola is in full bloom just weeks away from Harvest!

Gets to some mud and water crossings right away

The group stops for some breaks and chats along the way!

At the first stop, I am introduced to brothers. One says he has been following along from near the beginning of my journey!

A few guys put Radioman Stickers on their motorbikes (photo Courtesy of Lily )

Then more riding!

Through the fields and around the farmlands we go!

And of course we take some time to smell the flowers!

And time to chat with some local riders! Great to meet all of you! Hope to stay in touch

Lily is a great photographer, so you will see some good shots for the time she is riding with Jorg!!

This day deserves my first South Africa Jump!!

and with Jorg, as we will be riding a 6 week loop starting next week. It will take us through 5-6 countries before returning to Cape Town. It will be amazing!

I did suck in a bit of dust and dirt today But huge smiles all around or a sunny and beautiful day riding here!

We roll into the Be Well Canola farm in the afternoon for a little lunch! Great ride on the Canola Run! So glad I was here for it, as it only happens once per year! Thanks Jorg and Lily

Then a ride back along the ocean! spectacular mountains as we are riding that way!

Fun roads as well!

Yup. Deserves another big jump!! Fantastic scenery and riding!

Lily taking photos….

We ride back into Cape Town late in the day!

An amazing day riding in South Africa. I am Stoked for the exploring and riding that is to come! Tired but excited at the end of a good days ride!

And of course the bike now looks like an adventure bike again.