Cape Town

Had the chance to meet up with another rider and Boyfriend near Cape Town. Riding through Cape Town in the afternoon. even with cloudy weather, Table Mountain is amazing!

Still getting my brain around Africa, as I rode south past Cape Town city, seeing the miles of “slums”, Danielle said about 2 million living there.

but then, I Loved the view riding along the ocean near Kalk Bay

Met up with Danielle (kiwi) and Mike (Holland) (and Brother Ben) in Kalk Bay where they have stopped riding for a bit to work and make some $ to continue riding! They have ridden all over Africa and she has been all over the world as a solo woman rider! great meeting them, sharing stories and information

Danielle’s Website is:

A couple of her Moto monkey’s…… Maybe Radioman will have one someday!

Had to laugh as we walked down for dinner. A Welcome sign….. But all the cannot do symbols.

Ordered the large Pork Ribs. Wow had no idea how many it would be. Did not even come close to finishing. It is amazing as the price as $110 Rand (about $11 USD) big changes from Australia

After dinner and more great conversation, I went out to get on my bike about 9:30 Pm. Hummm Something is missing

Now I have to admit that Jorg told me before I left…… You should take your Tank Bag off. Nothing in it of value, had it one my bike through 22 countries ….. Well. Welcome to Africa

Someone took my Tank bag

But then they took few Items inside and tossed them in the bushes. Had a couple rags, windscreen wash, Ear plugs etc. But my bag is gone Guess I should have listened to the locals…

So you live and learn. I am sure to find a new bag here in Cape Town before we start riding on Saturday. After traveling in NZ, OZ where losing stuff like this was not really an issue, I have to go back into take it all off no matter what.