Another week in my life in Cape Town. been awhile since I posted….

Sit back and catch up

First. It has been great to stop, Meet and stay with Jorg and Lily , and get a few projects done that I have wanted to do for awhile.

I had wanted to build a small tool box to fit on the opposite side of the bike from the exhaust. Jorg is a mechanic and has a nice shop, so while he was busy servicing a bunch of KLR’s and other cars. I designed the box out of cardboard.

Jorg Working

Went shopping for some Aluminum

It’s Cape Town, so the warning about your property and Vehicles.

Once I purchased the materials, then layout them out into the shape of the custom box, hand cut the Aluminum. Then off to the Bending shop to have it turned into a box.

These guys were great! The “boss” even jumped into action for the last bend as they had to create a tool to fit my box. They were great and very precise! Love it!

They had to modify some materials to make a custom tool.

Almost folded up!

Back to the office to get a bill. Note the English /Afrikans. I think they liked me, as they only charged me 70 Rand (7.0 USD) to fold up two boxes and make 2 cuts!

Thanks to Jorg, I was able to find all the shops and materials around Cape Town.

Once folded, off to the welder.

Showed up, and he jumped into welding up my boxes!! Why two…. Could not decide on which thickness of Aluminum to use. 2MM or 3MM Make both, and decide. In Manufacturing making two is not much more work than making one.

Making progress

Had pre marked the pieces and how they were to be assembled and welded. Made the process fast.

Last weld. Thanks “johnme” Great job!!

As I was running around Cape Town, I really enjoyed the views of Table Mountain!

Had to buy a lock, Sealing material, some other bits and pieces, and replace my Tank bag Did not have the exact model Wolfman that I would have wanted… But one that would clip right in. Stopped at Wild@heart adventure moto Store. Met Johan

Got back to the house and Lily was making Dumplings by hand

Looks great!! She told me I was in for a treat!

She made 88 of them…..

Yummy Dumpings. I think the best I have ever had! As Lily says, ” they are the 2nd best Dumpling in Cape Town,….. Because there is no #1 )

Then some more errands around Cape Town. Getting to know my way. Have to say, there are tons of Adventure Moto Shops around . Amazing! But it is like sending a kid into the candy store

KTM to get a new rear Sprocket. (just preparing for the wearing …not needed yet)

Needed a new USB charging plug set up, so off to Flying Brick I go. Met Chris and Rinette. They were great!! Loved meeting you two! What a great Moto Shop that you have!

Here is the link to their Moto Store. It is being modified, but they have a video of their “Flying Brick” Luggage. Designed by Chris a Motorbiker for Motobikers! Awesome. Like I said, Kid in CAndy Store. I bought one of there bags to try out Looking forward to using it. Always looking for the perfect bag for my bike!

and look at the View outside their Shop.

As I rode back out to Jorg and Lily’s, I had to laugh. New bags on the bike, and other gear that I need…. Jorg said, we cannot let you out anymore on your own…… And you will not be allowed back in with anything else. You will not have any money to ride