Here is were we stayed in “Die Hel”

As we relaxed last night!

Leaving “Die Hel” in the morning. Had a nice wake up and breakfast before riding back out of the Hel . about 45KM or so. Then over the other side of the Swartberg pass and down into Oudshoorn Then onward east to Baviaanskloof (park) and to the next great place that Jorg had organized. Makkedaat Caves. Lily is taking great photos ! as I do not have too many of me riding! This is really a treat.

On the first KM of the day, Jorg clipped a trailer that was partially in the road…. Wide load that he is not used to on the GS

This is what he hit. But he is a good rider and stayed upright

Jorg having a little help getting the rear bag pounded back into shape, and re-attached to the bike.

Then we continue on. The owners of the Trailer were great…. came out to help get the bike back in shape, and offer us coffee

Then we make it back to the bottom of the switchbacks out of the valley. 35 KM or so out of “The Hell”

and a few water crossings. Nice photos’ Lily

more water. Watch out for the green slim….

The terrain varies

Then back up the switchbacks

Great ride out!

Lily likes that I am standing on my Helmet

Had to laugh at this photo. The mountain looks like a Bum Crack

Just so much to try and show in this post…..

Two very happy Adventure Riders!

Stunning! Makes me want to Jump!

Made it in and out of “die Hel”

Love the sign

Reviewing the route of the day.

Adding a sticker to “die Top” of Swartberg pass on our way out !

Great view over the next valley!!

Then down the Swartberg heading East. Great Photo Lily! Just starting to capture the vastness of the pass, mountains that we are riding!

Stop for petrol and lunch in Oudshoorn

Back on a bit of Tarmac …. Loving the warmer weather and blue skies!

One set of mountains behind us!

Then into the Baviaanskloof Reverve (Baboon)

More valley’s and mountains.

Stunning mountains, gorges and rock formations this day!

and some Baboons along the way. We have also seen Kudu, Monkeys, and other wildlife. But the roads need focus for riding, so no photos!

And another great place to stay in Makkedaat Caves!! They have 5 accomodations in caves on their property. With great fire pit out front and more good food and a surprise bottle of local wine.

No internet or cel service but need to capture my thoughts of the last couple days of riding.

Being in South Africa, I am struck with the difference between, “rich” and poor. Poverty has made security everywhere a real issue. For me it is striking. Still observing and trying to understand the culture, before I post more.

Lily cooking up some Braai, and stir fry vegetables :bg

Inside the Cave….. Very interesting place to stay.

cooled down at night, and a nice cup of tea in the evening!

Another great day riding!