Friday Morning

I was asked many times before I left, “what if you break down?” My answer. “you get it fixed” Here’s How! The help of so many others!!

To carry on the story a bit. Here is a photo Lily took after Stephan (GS owner) come out to see what help we needed. He called BMW PE on his phone, and handed it to me as I explained the symptoms and was trying to figure my options as they were 180 miles back. What a great guy Stephan is!! Thanks!

Dewald arrange the trailer from Kawaski and came to pick me and the bike up and take me the 4 Km to Kawaski!

Warren at Kawaski even loaned my a scooter to ride out to Gonubie (15 KM or so away).

My new adventure bike

The guys filling up there bike. Dewald on his KLR and me on the Suzuki 125 adventure scooter

Cornering machine

Out on the open road…. 80KM was about max.

After a hectic afternoon yesterday getting the bike diagnosed and all the decisions about how to resolve the issue….. Had a good nights sleep, up early to get to Kawasaki Dealer at 7am to meet up with the parts and see how it is going. Original plan was I would wait for my bike and the rest of the group would ride ahead, I would catch up …….

Was ready for the new day, But Lily came to my room early to tell me that the Bite or sting that Jorg had gotten yesterday AM, had him all swollen up

He really could not open his eyes when he woke up. Poor Guy.

We are not sure what got him, but the swelling was severe. OK…. New plans. Jorg and Lily go to Doctor in the Am, as I go check in on my bike. We will stay an extra night here to see if Jorg’s swelling goes down.

I arrive 7:10 Am at Kawaski Dealer, package arrived a few minutes later.

Liked the way the package was addressed!!

Raymond also switched out my Chain and Sprockets as they were worn enough … As we head north there will be little or no service available…. So it makes sense to have things in prime order! Of course if I was home I would ride it a bit longer!

And the old stator looks like the other photos I have seen of the darkened and toasted Stators.

The “used” one that BMW gave me with less than 6,000KM on it!!

This would have been the price if it was new from BMW Basically ($1,000 USD).

BMW did not have the gasket either…. So Raymond made one !

Raymond putting it all back together!

Bike was all put back together by 9:30 or so. Charging well now and ready to ride. Big Thanks to Warren (owner on my left) and Raymond the Mechanic for getting my bike right in, and sorted out so quickly. Amazing friendly and skilled guys! Would highly recommend them in East London! Thanks Guys! Was a great experience! And all the others I met and spoke with in the dealer were great also!!

Kawasaki/Suzuki East London !

Coordinates S32 57 51.25 E27 56 00.01

While Jorg rests up. I take a little walk down the way. Beautiful Coastline!

The Adventure continues. Cannot say enough how great it has been to see how kind, generous and helpful normal people are as you travel. It raises the bar for me, as to how I need to live my life!!