Once again with the generosity of new friends! Rick was on the Lesotho run and when we told him that we needed to go to JoBurg, without hesitation he invited us to stay at his place for the night ! Thanks Rick Again these are just some of the amazing people I have met and have enjoyed their hospitality!!

Go back to his place outside JoBurg, and his brother came over for a chat, then we had a “braai” in his outdoor area including grill and Fire stand…. Was very cool evening!

Of course having a fire to hang out always encourages good stories !

Liked the huge masks hanging on the wall.

Huge meal!!

The next morning we hung out at Ricks house until we needed to leave to meet up with Denver of Blingking.co.za to replace my shock.

Then riding through JoBurg. It has warmed way up hitting 90 degrees F

Like South America, there are many vendors selling stuff at the stop lights. They are friendly and not pushy …. They like bikes

We arrive in Denvers neighborhood, and he spots us and says….. Follow me

He was returning from a long weekend in Kruger National park, and left at 4 Am to arrive back by 12:30. So that we could put in the new shock and get us on the road! Right on the lift we went!

But messy with oil all over.

Got the new Wilbur shock all dialed in for my weight and gear.

New shock installed. We set the preload and sag. Then we were on the road by 3PM. Thanks Denver!!

Headed north we stayed on a toll road out of JoBurg and Pretoria, just to miss traffic and get to Bela-Bela. I was not feeling great with a headache and bit of upset stomach.

A couple of Police checkpoints heading north, but they did not stop us but to ask where we were headed.

Clouds developed like afternoon thunder storm, but it never rained.

Bela Bela is a holiday area with Hot springs. We found a place straight away with “self Catering”, so we cooked our own dinner. I was really tired so I laied down right after eating, and basically was out until the morning

Like everywhere I have been on South Africa, the security of your stuff is yoru responsibility.

Next morning we were up at 5Am to get an early start to avoid the heat.

We arrive at the Border crossing to Botswana. My first land border crossing in a long time. Roll up to a friendly lady who starts the process, getting bike registration on the slip…. then directs us onward.

Got stamped for Exiting South Africa, and directed out.

We road north then over the bridge called Grobler Bridge

Into Botswana!!

Stamped into Botswana. Then paid the 200 Rand (20USD) entrance tax.

And we are in Botswana….. Very easy border crossing, relaxed and fast!

Botswana is dry and warm this time of year….. We just ride the 150 KM to Serowe for the night. 425 KM day of riding!

We check into the White House Palace Hotel on the edge of town, as the temps top 95 Degrees. We get the only two bed room….. The room is huge. 11 Meters X 7 Meters (34′ x 21′ feet) for the room, then the bathroom…… We were laughing at the size of the room…. crazy. Welcome to Africa!

Feeling better today. As we rode 540KM to Maun. I will upload photos later, but it is the Okavango Delta and supposed to be amazing for seeing the big animals…… I will fly out to do a 3 night safari. No internet for 4-5 days I guess. (Jorg will be hanging out at Audi Camp in Maun, as he has been into the Delta before and it is $$$, but he really wanted me to experience this part of Africa!!).
Tourist mode now!