Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

We stayed a couple nights in Bulawayo so we could visit some friends of Jorg and Lily’s. We were a big hit with 2 year old Summer. She was very focused on all the things that she knew the names of!! Talking to Jorg.

Her Mom Sherry sitting on Jorg’s Bike

We decided to get a quick oil change done while we were here. found Oil and a shop to make the change.

At the Auto Supply store, Desmond who is 72 Years old stopped for a chat about Motorbikes! He rides everyday!! Desmond

After a nice stay with Sherry and Carl, we rode north to the Famous Victoria Falls.

Some of the local Rondeval dwellings.

and more than a few burnt out trucks and cars abandoned along the roadways

It’s the dry season now, so not so much water is flowing…..

Some interesting facts …..

Been to 3 of this list.

Statue of Livingstone

Then the walk along the waterfall …..

Look closely at this one. Right in the middle where water is not running, at the very top of the falls is “devils Pool” with the water low…. You can walk out and sit in the pool That is todays activity !!

see the people…..

Wahoo! Victoria Falls.

This is the bridge over to Zambia

After walking the walls area. We headed to the Victoria Falls Hotel for a real Colonial treat. High Tea on the veranda.

Had to have the scones at High Tea

Was a great day to enjoy the falls. But the water is low compared to the normal high flow season. But I can imagine the noise and extra water flowing over the rocks. But still a fun place to see.

Packing up this am and headed to the Zambia side ………. another border crossing….. another day on the road!