Victoria Falls.

We stayed here ….. Had good internet and pool.

On the way out of town. One pic for Ken’s thread!

Then we road across the bridge to get into Zambia and have a look at the other side. Checking out of Zimbabwe was very quick 15 minutes….

Then over the Iconic bridge.

On the Zambia side, we drive up to the Border building. Looks simple. IN one door, Out the other. windows to see the bikes.

I had to get a visa ….. Cost me $80 USD for Multiple entry for a month Then did Temp import for the bike. $10 USD, Then Road tax $10USD. Then as we road up to the gate, we needed to buy 3rd party insurance for 36USD. Expensive border crossing for me. Jorg did not need the entry visa because he is from SA

Welcome to Zambia!

We had set up a Walk out to the “devil’s Pool”…… With the water being low, we could walk 1KM out to the Island.

Walking out!

You have to swim the last little bit to get there.

I am the first one of our group into the pool!!

Sitting on the edge!

The group had fun!

and you get to lean out over the edge! While the guide holds your leg!

Jorg in the Pool!

I think Jorg liked the experience

The “devils pool is right on the edge in that darker rock outcropping in the middle of the water.

Then our group walked back along the falls. Normally there would be water 6-10 Feet deep here.

and water all along the falls here.

another statue of Livingstone.

Double Rainbow!!

What a great experience!!