We stayed at the Fawlty Towers Lodge in Livingstone. Nice pool and friendly people working here. Parked the bikes in front of the room.

Next day we were off riding north and east again to stay on Lake Karibe. Lots of colorful people and woman carrying loads on their heads.

We had a couple of Police stops on the way. They stopped us to chat but quickly waved us onward.

Stopped for Petrol along the way. Had to chuckle as lots of cars were parked right in front of this sign.

As we got within 20 KM, the GPS were not really getting the right tracks so we just adventured through some small villages in the sandy tracks..

Jorgs bike took a little nap in the deep sand.

The local kids came to take a look.

We arrived at the lake View lodge. We warmly greeted. We got a chalet that was overlooking the Lake.

It was very hot and it was time for a swim in the pool.

and then a meal overlooking the Lake

In the evening lots of fishing boats heading out to fish at night.

At night the lights of the fishing boats were all across the lake. Seemed like hundreds of them.

The next morning (wednesday) we started off to ride north/east to get to the other end of Lake Karebe and the big dam.

During the 20Km of dirt and sand my bike started handling a bit funny

and as we pulled out onto the Tar road…….. It was clear that my new rear Wilbur shock had blown Yikes…. Now what?

We decided that there would be no-one to repair my shock. We got into some Cel coverage and called Mr BlingKing where i just purchased the shock less that 10 days ago…… Denver was at a loss….. (as we were, since we had only ridden less than 2,000 KM and only about 50KM of gravel/sand roads and not really rough ones at that). Denver did not have a new replacement on hand…. so We told him that we would ride the 375 KM back to Livingstone figuring that they had flights from Joburg. I could not ride the bike like it is.
Real Bummer. But in reality no one is hurt and somehow we will get this resolved. Upon arrival back in Livingstone and getting accommodation. Called Denver. He had found a used shock and installed my Original Hyperpro spring on it and had called DHL to come get it and send it overnight to me. Great ……
Now we wait I tracked the package, and then next morning walked up to DHL office less than a KM from the hotel. They thought that since it shipped Wednesday afternoon that it would arrive Saturday AM in Livingstone.
OK couple days here to relax (of course it is not part of the trip plans and agenda, but we needed to adjust and find a few more things to do.

Fortunately with Livingstone being near Victoria Falls, there are touristy things to do. Jorg really likes Trains, so as I was checking out activities, I found a Steam train dinner event. We signed up.

They picked us up. then had a red carpet to board the train.

Taking us back in time, we boarded the train. Had cocktails served to us, then the train rolled down the tracks to stop on the Victoria Falls bridge for sunset !

The beauty of the train is that we got to meet people from all over the world!! Met a lovely woman named Mary who has lived for 40 of her 70 years here in Zambia! Had a lovely chat. She had her sister and sisters Husband over for a visit! Mary

Stopped on the bridge

The Hawkers offering “sunset” deals on assorted Wooden animals and such. We had some fun exchanges.

As sunset came and went, we rolled back down the tracks until we stopped for dinner hour.

Fancy 5 course dinner to be served!

Main course was Very tasty Lamb

Next morning I had booked a Micro Flight over the falls (Jorg had done one years ago, and highly recommended it!)

Buckling into the Micro Light

Lift off

High above the falls! Very cool experience!

and flying back over the park, I could see Elephants, hippos, Crocodiles, Zebras, Giraffes etc.

Back on the ground again!!

So now I wait ……….. had some good times while waiting, but would rather be riding

Unfortunately, after a very quick and speedy start by Denver, As i checked the tracking expecting to see that the shock was in Zambia and on it way to me…… It was stuck in JoBurg Texted Denver to check on this….. He let me know that Somehow an official needed a “dangerous Goods” declaration Denver has shipped all over Africa and not had to do this

So now we are up in the air. It’s Friday. DHL is only open until Noon on Saturday…. Closed Sunday. Bummer. Of course it is all part of the Adventure. We have a great place to stay, even if we want to on the road.