While waiting for my replacement Shock to arrive……. Staying in Livingstone is not a bad place ……

Then we did a day Game ride

Then I decided to take a two day trip back to Botswana to Chobe National Park. It was about 1 hour drive to the border crossing, then a short ferry to Botswana! Marcelo and Jaqueline who were staying at the hostel also we going!

Of course they are trying to sell you some souvenirs

It also takes the trucks across…..

Arriving Botswana!

They pick us up, and off to take a river safari….

Some of the local Wildlife. Some large Crocs.

Elephants swimming across the river

Then a game ride…. through Chobie

Fantastic terrain!

Pride of Lions

Then back to a nice Lodge and Tented camp. Met more people from all over the world, and really enjoyed the meals and time spent talking with other travelers!

Lounge and bar

Nice big pool to cool off as it is in the 90’s (35-39C)

The National bird of Botswana

And so many other animals and birds to see.

Male Monkey

and so much more to share!

Elephants moving the Lions

and a Leopard

Fish Eagle

Cape Buffalo


More Elephants


OK…. No more Animal photos! Was just a great time!! Then back to the ferry… and back to Livingstone.

At every border crossing…. Free Condoms. All of these countries have very high HIV/AIDS. Education everywhere.

The line of trucks awaiting the crossing goes for miles. I was told sometimes they wait 2 weeks to cross as they are down to one Ferry.

Back in Livingstone, Jorg has been talking to DHL…. I called them Monday on the way back and initially they said it clear Lusaka and would arrive Tuesday am ….. But once I returned the local Woman called me to say that in Lusaka they called her to say it needed to go back to Customs and would not deliver until Wednesday She was mad as she had been talking to them all day …… So we see what happens