We rolled out of the great Mazambala Camp and headed west across the Caprivi Strip. Like many of the points in Africa, we needed to step off the bikes into a bath of chemicals to stop the spread of foot to mouth disease.

and the bikes get a spray down….

Riding down the road. Had a 640KM riding day, so we keep moving, but must watch out for Jackels

or the Elephants just off the side of the road. Was hoping that we would see some crossing the road with the Elephant warning sign in view But this will do.

The villages along the way are very tidy and neat.

As we rolled into Rundu for petrol, lots of signs, this one promoting Education for Namibia!

Then I found this a bit funny. The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology. Nice building, Gate and fence, but just grass and trees inside!

Then we rode to the edge of town. Look. “I can see Angola from my window” (just on the other side of the river)

Then after filling up with Petrol in Sundu, we spotted this guy. Ha…. Jorg and I were both laughing, so I had Jorg go get a photo with him.

We rode onto Grootfontein for a night in a guest house! Loving Namibia