Thursday 10.24.13 we have a nice breakfast overlooking the Ai Ais Spa campsites.

Then road our last bit of gravel road in Namibia.

Just a great day. Had a smile on my face and we rode south on this cooler, Blue sky day. Rolling up the miles…….

We got to the “tar” road and were now Slabbing it back to Cape Town!

We arrived to the border at 10 Am. Stamped out of Namibia

Across the Orange river into South Africa!! The first gate check, the guy looks at my bike license plate and has a very funny look….. “have you not seen an United States license plate”…. Ha we all laughed! Wondering will this be my last foreign border crossing of my journey?

Into the SA border station. They had nice covered parking spots! Got stamped back into South Africa, then Carnet stamped into South Africa. Last stop was a police checkpoint, and the final gate.

At the police stop that Lady was giving Jorg a hard time about leaving his bike with her. Then I offered her a chance to sit on mine….. She loved it!! She had a great smile and sense of humor, and waved us through!

Unfortunately no “welcome to South Africa” sign at this border post….. Just lots of road construction as we headed south. Stopped more than a dozen times…. Ask Jorg how much he loves road construction stops!

We are just 300 Km from home (jorgs home and my Temp South African Home ). and we see dark storm clouds with lots of lightening We roll on as there is nowhere really to stop. Then the heavy rain starts and the thunder is now close. I am not wild about riding with Lightening like this ….. Read a few stories of guys on bikes hit by lightening. Quickly we were both soaked from the rain. So we stopped in the next little Village. and thanks to GPS found a Guesthouse to get some shelter for the night.

The center of town as the storms keep moving through. The town was Vanhyndorp. The rain let up a little and we walked to find some dinner. All the signs were in Afrikans.

The fish shop on the corner for a simple meal.

Friday Morning, we had a good breakfast and were ready to now surprise Lily on our return. Road the last 300 Km Arrived home before Noon. Unpacked the bikes, showered and checked in with email, Fb, ADVrider etc.

Lily arrived and was surprised but happy t have us back

She arranged for all of us to go down and get a Thai Massage Then off to celebrate with dinner nearby at Spurs (SA chain of restaurants based on Wild west and indian theme ).

What a great time over the last 6 weeks, 9,500 Km, 5 countries in the southern part of Africa! Loving it!!