Good Morning!

Made myself at home at Atlantic BMW in Cape Town. So while I am surrounded my new bikes and my GS is getting it’s 60,000 Mile service….. Time to update the past few days.

Staying with Jorg and Lily has been great! Lily is a tour Guide for Cape Town area and Jorg has also done the training…. Very cool.

We arrived back in Cape Town Friday, and Saturday and Sunday we were off to see the sights. Saturday we drove out to Stellenbosch which is a lovely Wine growing area just East of Cape Town. We looked around town and the architecture and shops.

Really beautiful all around SA, but with the wineries, they views were really great! Perfect weather for this!

Went to a festival for Chenin Blanc. Met a couple of Americans working in the Wine Industry here. Do not meet many Americas in more remote places in the world, and certainly not too many that are long term travelers or that have moved to work in foreign lands. Had a nice chat!

Sunday Morning Early we road through Cape Town and of course Table Mountain was looking great! We were out the door very early to make the most of the day!

Then around through Camp’s Bay and the coastal road!! They have twelve Apostles here two.

Lily had her camera gear, and was ready to put life and limb on the line to get the right angles for a riding shot at Chapmans Peak. Will post her photos later as she is off working for the week.

Great coastal roads and views!! Perfect day!

Even had time to enjoy the local wildlife ….. a Tortoise

Then we rode out to Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point. The GPS seemed to know where I was…..

Lily does this kind of trip for a living….. So it was great as she had our schedule down perfectly, that we were just ahead of all the tour buses!!

Arrived at Cape of Good Hope and basically had it to ourselves for awhile

Most SW I will be in Africa (I did not say most southernly …….. Yet )

Love being near the ocean….. Just out there the two oceans meet. Indian and Atlantic!

Then further…..

The three of us at Cape Point!

Funicular to the top

Amazing views!

Lily was enjoying shooting Photos!!

And lots of Baboons around as well. Watched them take a couple meals off the tables at the restaurant.

But mine was safe eaten too quickly!

Then back along the coast. Had to stop and see the African Penquins

along with all the other tourists.

Heading up to Table Mountain Cable car. lots of taxi’s waiting

Heading up the cable car to the top!!

Great views as you climb up to over 1,000 Meters!

and time to smell the flowers too! Ladybug

Lily took me to the top, while Jorg hung out with the bikes! Was so informative having Lily give me the tour!

We rode out around the point this morning, so it was cool to see it from above

Stunning views as I sit on the wall and enjoy!

On the way down, you can see the steps to walk up!

Lily taking photos!

and taking some for herself!

Then up to Signal Hill to watch the Sunset!

Crazy amounts of cars all linked up, fortunately we had a few buses move over and we avoided the long delays!

We then had a wonderful meal in town before arriving home 13 hours later.

Thanks Jorg and Lily so much for the fantastic sightseeing day! Makes me jump for joy!!