The time has come…………

Cannot hold back any long

When I left on this Epic Journey back in June 2011, I did not really know how long it would take or the exact routes I would follow. But what I did know is that one day, this Chapter of my life would come to an end. I left it all open, so that I could experience whatever opportunities or challenges arose. I think I did that ! and More!

Several months ago, it started to be clear that it was about time to head for “home”. As my finances that I set aside for this journey continued to be spent, and knowing I would need to start the next chapter …… It is clear for me.

Still putting together my thoughts, but I am comfortable with the journey I have been on. The generosity of “strangers” has helped me to stay on the road for 29 months now. I have had amazing experiences, and made lifetime friends!! I am so grateful for the time and resources to go this far. Did I see the entire world? NO. But I made a dent and enjoyed my time in all the places I visited. and it certainly does not mean I will not ride my bike in other places in the world……

It will be a chapter of life ending, and then all new beginnings. I do not have it all planned out. Just finished arranging shipping of my bike and me from Cape Town to Los Angeles (cheapest option for air freight). Have given notice to my Renters and will move back into my house on January 1, 2014. The rest will evolve.


It feels good to have made the decision. The only part I regret is that it will be winter in the states. Otherwise I would have planned to do some ADV rallies, and meet ups along the way.

But stay turned, as I still have some good riding and adventures here in South Africa, and it will also take me some time once I land in LA …… Of course I am not riding straight back to the Oregon. Will have a bit of time to catch up with family and friends along the way.

Couple other cool things. I plan on doing some presentations at some Motorcycle dealers in the near future. So that I can share some stories in person, videos, photos and some of the basics to this kind of world travel. More on this soon!!

Will have lots more to say in the weeks ahead. But for all that have been following along. Thank You!