WOW Thanks for all the kind comments. I will reply to them in the week ahead…. But I am out the door to go ride making the most of my time here. off to the north of Cape Town to the Cederberg. Should be a great ride and big Braai!

Quick Update but lots more for early next week!

More of this. Love the signs…..

Last few days exploring the coast.

Last weekend we rode down to the most Southernly point of Africa at Cape Agulhas. It is always fun to get to these kinds of “destinations” …. And love fantastic photos from LILY!! So great to have these pics!

Had to ride past the barricades to ride the last 150M down the past, over the rocks to the Sign…. Just must be done.

Had to wait in line….. chatting with the other visitors!

Made it to the most southernly point of Africa!!

with Jorg and Lily!

A jump you say!! Two women from Mussell bay were laughing hard as I did my jumps!!

where Radioman now? Lots of giggles from the crowd!

Then to celebrate arriving at this southern point………. Why not! a jump of all jumps!! (Jorg says ” Front Page” right there!

(no photoshop involved)

Cannot help but share a few more Lily photos. They are great!

Quite breaking the rules.

Radioman Fan club

Two guys discussing the ship wreck!

Lily has a great sense of humor too.