After a great weekend in the Cederberg, it was off to ride the famous “Garden Route” which is along the coastline! Had a nice gravel route worked out by David… with a couple mountain passes!

I stayed at the Mountain View B&B in Ladismith which is actually on Route 62.

As I rolled up, Heinrich and Marianne had some friends over having a Braai. They got me sorted in the room, then insisted that I have some Braai with them, and a cold beer So friendly. Turns out Jan (Heinrichs brother has a 1150GSA) and so we chat about the trip. Then Jan and Jannie offer me a place to stay in Mossel Bay which is down on the garden route. Heinrich and Marianne encouraged me to stay with them……. So glad I did!

I stopped at the Hot springs at Calitzdorp for a nice soak, then onto Mossel Bay!

had a nice water crossing to get there.

Then Across the mountains to the coast. But lots of Ostrich farms along the way

I arrived at Jan and Jannie’s Laundry Business, in the afternoon. Jan showed me the way to their home, and then they finished up business. as I got settled into their beautiful home!

Then I was in for a treat as Jan fired up the Braai.

and cooked up the local fish called Snoek

Had a great evening talking about South Africa, and many other topics!

Jan’s GSA

Thanks so much Jan and Jannie Another amazing experience with the friendly people of South Africa!!

But time is short and I needed to keep moving. Headed off to Port Elizabeth to meet up with ADV rider Bernard who contacted me months ago to welcome me to SA.

Through George and taking backroads.

Took the mountain route out of Knysna back up to Route 62.

Nice winding mountain pass

Been to Angie’s G Spot

Beautiful scenery!

As I arrived Port Elizabeth, I needed to stop and pick up my Rewound stator at Roger Steele’s! My GPS was not too good, and I was along the road, and “jupiter” from Wild dogs see me and stops to help. I tell him the address, and then show him my phone…. He says” oh, your looking for Roger….. follow me…. Takes me right to Rogers house. Very cool!

Thanks “jupiter” on Wild dogs!

Then I ride over to meet Bernard, and we went out for a great dinner along the ocean! After getting my bike settled into the garage!

Bernard had restored thgis old classic. Very cool

Enjoying the last bit of time on the road!!