Bernard is also a bike racer and IronMan participant. Very Cool

He took the day off to ride with me the backroads heading west!

Into Jeffries Bay for Coffee Stop.

Then onto Storm river for lunch and a hike to the Suspension bridge

The Bike is getting some attention as people see the plate, stickers and story….
Lots of people take photos… Hope they connect to the blog and read the journey!

Then the walk

Kyakers in the river

Amazing rocks with lots of colors and some Flowers!

Out in the middle of the bridge!

Then Jim takes me on the old road….. Not closed to bikes

Crossed back into the Western Cape

Then we rolled into Keurboomstrand. I found a place for the night and then Bernard headed back to Port Elizabeth!! Thank B for the tour!

Was really liking my room overlooking the ocean….. make me wonder why I am leaving

and a great meal + pasta

Then a couple BMW riders wander in…… Charl asks me to join them. We share a few stories from the road, and I shared a couple videos….. Might have got them thinking about a ride in India and one of the guys was hung ho to get me to change my plans and ride over Sani Pass into Lesotho with them Oh how tempting it is!

Great times on the road!