Just received a reply email ……. After landing in LAX, and will be going to a taping of Jay Leno on Friday November 22nd That will be fun!!

Had fun on ADV rider as they thought I meant I would appear on the show ! 🙂

After a full day getting bike crated and packing. Jorg and Lily and I had some Champagne to celebrate the time we had riding in South Africa…… and to future where we hope to ride again! Cheers!

My final days in South Africa…… Monday night we celebrated a wonderful new friendship and fantastic riding in Southern Africa! Pizza and Champagne

My Last night was a special treat of Lily’s World Famous Dumplings…..

and some tasty South African wine…

A very special time to share with Jorg and Lily! Again, my travels have turned “strangers” into friendships that will last a lifetime.

So this is it for South Africa. Will be heading to the Airport in just a couple hours for the very long journey to LAX. Have the song “homeward Bound” playing in my head (thanks Roger)…… Reflecting on the time I have spend here in South Africa. Full of great people who have become lifetime friends!, fantastic Dual Sport riding, Wild Game that I was able to experience in amazing ways….

Certainly glad that I came to Africa, even if I did not stay as long as originally planned, or routes that I thought I might take…. But that is the nature of a trip like this. There comes a time to carry on, knowing that this part of the experience is coming to an end, but that new paths lay ahead.

So grateful for each and everyday. Wanting to cherish them forever!

Since I crated my bike, I have just been awaiting for finalization of shipping details, got confirmation that the Carnet issue will be no problem as long as I get a final Stamp into the USA my deposit will be return! Have not had the motivation to do much with photos or videos …… transitions. And everyone around me is on their “normal” life…. Mine is in transition.

Skyward Bound……. Next Post from Los Angeles, USA and the final leg of my journey home. Know there will be plenty of stories left in these next few weeks….