For those worried about me being on the wrong side of the road…..

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Thank You so much for sharing all of Your experiences with us, it has been great to see all of the people and places You have been.

Your Welcome! So glad you have enjoyed it!

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Hi Mark,

Been following you all along from the start. Amazing journey and so well documented, I really appreciate your efforts.

What are you doing in San Diego? Any kind of event or talk? If so I’d love to attend if possible.

Again, thank you for such a great sharing of an epic journey!

Paul, Thanks for following along and participating!

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Welcome back, Mark. If you do anything in a public or group fashion here in San Diego, let me know! I’d love to hear a few stories.

Ben, Nothing planned at this stage of the trip, But might work on this! Thanks for the interest!

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Welcome back Mark. Will be lurking the Leno show for a RM sighting..

Was in the back row….. Was interesting to see it all in action. But no invite to the Garage


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And Thank You for sharing your journey with us! Continued safe travels.

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WOW what a ride. We look forward to your ride home and some pictures of the good old USA. You must be very excited to be home, at last.

Rob A, Cheers to you! Photos will happen….

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Welcome home Mark. What a journey.

Hello Marty! Hope you are well!

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Hey Mark, Thanks for making the time to share this great journey with us. Hope there are many more to come.

See ya down the highway and be well.

Curt, Thanks!!

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If you find yourself in the bay area on your way home- your room is waiting. We spoke shortly before you left. It would be fun to talk again now. If not on your ride home, then soon enough. Congratulations. That was outstanding.

Will PM you Pete! couple weeks away.


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Welcome home Mark!

Incredible journey so far-looking forward to the next chapter.

Thanks Ian!

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Hey Mark, long time reader, first time poster. Thank you so much for this inspirational and amazing journey. You gave me a new adventure to enjoy every day while chained to the desk, and even though we have never met my wife always enjoyed hearing about how my friend radioman was doing on his journey. If you ever come through the midwest, you’ve got a place in WI to stay.

Out of curiosity, what was the total international mileage? (i know you are still going, just really curious so far).

Thanks again, and happy trails for the rest of the trip!

Thanks for the Offer… The total mileage for the trip so far is about 90,000 Miles (150,000KM) 59,000 on the F800GS so far. More stats as I wrap up the trip….. Just trying to figure out how best to present it!


Friday I met up with Mike to go to Jay Leno Show. Then we headed over to the Studio.

Then Got through Security and our order in line…. We got there at appointed time, but lots of people in front of us!

After waiting an hour… We got into the Studio ,…. Back Row

Was good to go see the show, unfortunately they must have deleted all the emails you ADV riders sent in

Then I rolled back through the heavy LA traffic to the Hotel to meet up with Hells alien . Al was on his way back up to Portland from Baja. We had dinner, and he is carrying my heavy gear, camping stuff back to Portland for me

We had a good time catching up at the local Mexican restaurant…. then updating computer stuff as I got my iPad mini replaced by Apple for it’s faulty screen. But needed to get it all restored. Looks like it will be a trip to Apple Store later today!

Staying in LA with Mikes family and then hitting the road tomorrow to ride to SD to meet up with JohnyDakar and Lisa Before heading east to Tucson for Thanksgiving day.

Still jet lagging a bit, but will recover soon.
Thanks for all the Posts, PM’s, emails, texts, calls….. Feeling the love!