Happy Thanksgiving
Give Thanks for your time with family and friends.


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WOW, what a story!

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Thank you for including all of us on your incredible journey. It is refreshing to know that good exists around the world.

Greets to friends in the PNW

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Thanks Mark for the

heartwarming story, YEAH I choked up many a time! Superb effort mate.

Rustler did a great job with the soundtrack,

Thanks!! The participation from ADV riders and people I met on the road has been wonderful! Enriched my journey and hopefully all of yours!

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Cool new gear! Perfect timing, just started raining hard for the first time in mos.

Mike and Cressy ….. Yea, returning during winter, I had to expect some rain! The Klim gear is appreciated !!

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Can anyone have more friends or more fun than Radioman!….I think not, what other rider can post they’re in Dubai on a lark and have dinner invitations that evening…. Himalayas, sure no problem, new Zealand yeah been there; Dick & Diane- yeah I know them, met them in South America!!, hung out in NZ & AUS……, heck lets do south america twice! …..oh yeaaaah…..Lee thanks for the helicopter ride!!!!!

Dude you know how to live.

WOW. Thanks for highlighting just a few of the amazing memories of this trip. As I look back it is overwhelming!!

Thanks so much for the Thanksgiving wishes and the kind comments.

Indeed I have been blessed on this trip…. Meeting amazing and generous people and exploring the world.

Of course there are the typical “bad” days on the road, where my emotions were raw, tired, sad, lonely and all the rest of real life moments. It is all part of the experience for sure!

Has been great to be at my brothers to catch up and relax. I cooked the thanksgiving meal, and watched some American Football, and just relaxed for a couple days!!

Traditional American Thanksgiving meal. Yum!!