The Endless Summer hostel is a great place. Has a great kitchen

Was good to be able to get up and cook myself and Omelet for breakfast. Most of the hostels have limited pans and cooking gear.

But one of the best parts is the large Kauri Tree Table under the grape vine arbor. A place where everyone gathers to eat, get to meet each other. Also a great part of travel is to meet others and share their stories!

As I rode south through the Semi Tropical forests know for the large Kauri trees, I got to enjoy the wonderful twisty roads

Had to take a 10 minute car ferry

Then was looking for the largest Kauri Tree in NZ

Here it is

Hard to show how big it is, and the great sweet smell of the forest

But here are the specifications

When I came back to my bike, a couple of old Bentley’s were waiting. HAd a great chat with the driver and his wife of this car.

Had to chuckle as I was looking at this car, people were checking out my bike

The ride along the west coast sweeps along sections of ocean, with the cool Blue waters.

Really great riding with nice roads, and great people. Lots of places to explore. I did not plan where I will stay as usual, just looking for someplace nice. Rode out to Baylis Beach. Always love the water, waves, sunshine of the beach.

Took a short ride up the beach, but the sand was soft, so I did not venture too far, as the bike fully loaded, and I am on my own.

Decided to spend a bit more and stay here. A place to relax, swim in the heated pool, listen to the waves crash the beach, and watch sunset over the ocean.

Had a nice meal in town

Enjoyed sitting on the deck near the pool watching the sunset into the ocean. No green flash…. But it was great.

There are times on this adventure that I am alone with my thoughts. It’s not a bad thing as I journey throughout the globe. Many things I would love to share with someone special by my side, knowing I did this once and it was a great time in my life. But this time has been good also, as I try to take it all in. Breathe, relax and appreciate the moments that I have, as this chapter unfolds these are lessons to be learned.