After two days passage we reached Antarctic Pennisula!

It was really exciting after only open ocean for two days to see Mountains and Snow ! Everyone on the ship was excited….

and a wonderfully calm sunset!

With more Whale sightings

One evening when we just sat down for dinner, we had this amazing whale watching experience as the sun was setting and we could see many whales blowing in the distance! It was a great time as they served us dinner! Cannot really capture the very excited mood of all the passengers as we shared this moment!

The the expedition got busy, as we had zodiac landings, hikes, snowshoeing, zodiac cruising and a Polar plunge!

Standing on the antarctic Continent!!

and one of the Chinstrap Penguins!

Michel captured this great shot of Penguins on the ice!!

We stopped on Deception Island to have a look around and enjoy being in the center to a Volcano that erupted and created this bay.

This chinstrap penguin was one of my favorites as he was striding along the beach…..

and other interesting things to see on the island as well.

Water boats from the old whaling station here.

The roommates I had in room 203, was a real bonus to the trip !! We laughed a great deal, and had fun with the other passengers and crew. Room 203 was known around the ship

Then it was time to a polar plunge! We had over 30 people of the 98 on board that made the plunge!

Radioman in antarctic waters (glad no Orcas were around )


Our friend Suzanne from Switzerland was turning 30 on the voyage, instead of in a hostel somewhere on her own, it was great that room 203 and others on board stayed up to Midnight to start her birthday celebration!

Suzanne Celebration on the bow of the ship!! Birthday in Antarctica very cool!

On my journey to South America, I have been planning to help out a friend of mine. I met Mark in a grief class in February of 2011, as His Wife Jenni died of Cancer just before my wife Chris did in January 2011. One of her wishes was that her ashes be spread on all seven continents. It is an interesting story, as she told him that he would find people to help him with this. I have that the privilege to help….. and I have had some of her ashes with me since I left Oregon heading south since 2011.

Upon arriving in the Antarctica, I was looking for a place to be able to make this happen.

Sitting atop a mountain on the Antarctica Continent, I set her free. Said a prayer for Mark and departed wife, and was glad to be able to help fulfill a promise! It was a special moment for me, not so much for me, but for Mark and Jenni!! RIP.

(was not able to emailing him and let him know until Christmas eve, but it was great to be able to tell him this was done.)

Lots more to share…….. will post later!