So much to see …. and share.

Our last day in Antarctica was sunny and beautiful.

With some really amazing ice bergs like this one…..

Was amazing to appreciate the blue in the icebergs and the textures

Some more wildlife (thanks Michel)

and Suzanne

And the ancient Ice

As we sailed out toward the north and open ocean, our ship got one last great view of some Humpback Whales!! This was awesome to watch!!

Including some Tails….

And Michels photos with a great lens !

I was glad to have some Seasickness medications for the Drake Crossing as our return trip was a little rougher ( but I did very well with the Patch, and Candied Ginger to keep me feeling good!)

We had 4- 6 meter seas in the Drake which is really fairly calm on the Pancius. But on our return trip at about 2:30 am …..the engines stopped and we drifted for 15 hours with engine troubles. It was an interesting experience as the crew and staff had to handle 100 passengers who many had flights home in time for Christmas in various parts of the world.

We ended up getting into port 30 hours late ….. but under our own power. For me it was not a big deal as I was meeting some Moto riders from all over in Ushuaia for Christmas. The cruise line put people up in hotels and rearranged flights but some people missed Christmas at home.

It was an amazing time in Antarctica and one that totally was worth it for me. Yes it is expensive to get to this amazing place but was an unbelievable experience.

With any of these kinds of trips, if you are flexible and can be in the departure place you can find real deals for last minute fares. I met several people on my ship who were traveling and purchased last minute (within two days) tickets and paid 3,000-4,000 USD for the 10 day trip. and there are levels of cabins that can keep the prices down. Others paid much more. I was in the middle but the schedule fit my dates!!

Thanks for following along this side adventure!! Back to Moto Travel soon!