Back to DC area and ready to head to Capital Hill.

Radioman trading in his riding gear this week for a suit ……

Had the privilege of having dinner with iDave and iJulie last night Was great to catch up. Last time I had dinner with them was 7 months and 24,000 miles ago. Wow lots of stories to share. Life to talk about! This is the magic of the ADV community!

Was so great to be able to meet up and catch up and a hug to both of you!

I walked out to my Nephews Car…. had a good chuckle when I saw his license plate

So I have a flight booked to India in just 23 days. Feeling a bit under-prepared (but in a really good way)!! Do not even have a good road map yet Just know that I will arrive May 16th ….. Meet up with CJ, and find Bikes to Buy/Rent then MoBill will Arrive 5 days later and we will be off to the Adventure in India!!