Was a good Advocacy Forum and time on Capital Hill meeting with the Oregon Representative and sharing the important of making sure that Alzheimer’s Disease get the focus and priorities to find a treatment and a cure soon. It is a crisis already as we (our government) spends 200 Billion a year on caring for people with Alzheimer’s.

There were over 700 people from around the country (+ UK, and Canada). Getting prepared to go tell our elected Officials how important this is!!

Roll call.

I had the privilege to get up and update the successes in Oregon for the year!

Then met Maria Shriver after the big dinner. Amazing woman!!

Met some other great Advocates and leaders moving Alzheimer’s Fight forward.

Then a full day meeting our Representatives on Capital Hill sharing the current statistic about Alzheimer’s Disease and how big a crisis that this is for the US and the world. It has been neglected for too long and now is the 6th cause of death in the US and growing rapidly as the baby boom generation ages. It will bankrupt our Healthcare system if we continue on the path we are on.

Meeting with Senator Ron Wyden

Beautiful Day in DC.