The process was easy picking my bike up from the importer. Just had to pay the fees. $750 NZD and put my front wheel on, and then my hard bags. The total cost to ship my bike was just under $2,100 USd from Buenos Aires. Since I will be in NZ awhile, it will be worth having my own bike instead of renting one, but it is still alot of money!

After getting my bike New Zealand requires a road worthiness testing at VTNZ.

The crew at the counter were really helpful and friendly! Welcome to New Zealand

Then they took my bike over to start checking it over.

It was amazing to watch them check every little bit of the moto. My headlights were out of Alignment, of course the shock was bad, and my wheel bearing in the rear was bad as well. In Oregon we only check for emission, here is it total road worthiness. Tires, shocks, bearings, lights etc. My bike failed but was taking it in for service, so will get all these items addressed and then have to retest! It cost $87 NZD.

Dropped my bike off at Experience Motorcycle who is the BMW dealer in town. Sebastian is the service manager and got me right in! Henry is the salesman, and asked if he could add a sticker to my bike not the placement 🙂

The bike will need a few days to get the shock rebuilt and then all the other work done. So off for a bit of Sightseeing. Dick and Diana have been amazing hosts. Having me stay with them, Feeding me wonderful meals (no photos— can you believe it), then taking me around the city, as well as connecting me with some people in the Alzheimer’s Community here in Auckland. Getting the royal New Zealand hospitality!! Dick and Diana Thank You so much!

While up on Mount Eden near the city

Had to see where I am in relation to other places.

Home would be about here.

All around Auckland are volcanic domes. Great views of the area and to orient. Still a bit hard to remember which way is north as the sun is in a different position that I am used to …

Up to One tree Hill (but the tree was cut down back in 2000 or so in a protest and not been replaced yet). Drove up once to get overview then hiked up it with Diana the next day.

Auckland is a city of about 1.5 million (about like Portland), with hills and water. It all feels like home to me!

Then a visit to the Aquarium in the city. They have an entire Antarctic exhibit as well. They had Gentoo and King Penguins too!

Really well done ! But sure glad that I have been to the real place!

and the plastic tunnel with Sharks all around!

And now I am enjoying my cup of coffee on the deck overlooking Auckland and the harbor. Been great to watch the cruise ships, freighters, and old America’s cup boats sailing by!! Hope to have my bike back on Friday and start riding!!