Well as I take this little break from my ride, it is mostly about catching up with friends and doing house repair projects…. So after helping a good friend with a slideshow for his MIL memorial service and being there for the family over the weekend, I am back to doing some yardwork on Whidbey Island.

Lots of trimming and clean up.

It is good that I have the time to get this stuff done, but I also miss being on the road in South America. Looks like I will return 2nd week of September and continue riding to TDF before the end of the year.

Thanks for checking in……. Boring at home photos are harder for me to post up …….. But enjoy your summer and I will be back in full force in Septemeber!

My thread is turning into Yardwork and Home repair thread of the year But it is just a short term issue. The time is ticking for me to return to Ecuador. Have set my return date for September 11th!! Just over 3 weeks left here in the states before I am back on the road again!!

After returning to Portland, I had to resume working on an area of dry rot. Had pulled it apart 2 weeks ago but did not have time to finish. So I jumped into it this week, and wanted to get it completed.

Got the last area of rot out, new studs and plywood sliced in…….

Stirring up some old paint…. fortunately I have all the supplies, large paint stirring set up.

The special Hardy Stucco siding came in while I was gone, so I got the siding and new trim Painted in the driveway….

Finishing the new tar paper …… But decided to leave a small note for anyone who works on the house in the future!

Then put up siding …. Just the last section to go. Of course it is the second story and the most difficult!

Got it in (secret was measure twice, cut and fit test piece before hoisting the heavy 4 x 8 foot sheet…… to the second story)

All done, Touched up the nail heads, Caulked the window and the gutter area….

PROJECT COMPLETED…….. Must be time to go for a ride tomorrow will take care of some bills, and details, then pack the bike. But will have to wait until Friday for a special Guest to arrive 🙂

Went for a ride last night…… Decided to stop by Harley Night at the old Wankers corner…..

Which one of these is not like the other

Saw some friends with Harleys Mario, Mike, Mike etc…

And had a discussion with one of the HarleyShop owners…. “when you get back, we could have a night to have you talk about your travels!”

So after all the Yardwork and Home repairs….. Time to go for a ride.

OK, Here is a photo of my bike in it’s current state with 100K +

And a special guest comes to take a ride with me …………

More later……..

Weekend video

IdahoSam comes for a ride

Sam and I had a great ride through Mexico and Belize last year. So while I was back, he decided to ride over so I could show him some of the Wetside of the mountains. Of course I laughed at the timing as it was the hottest day of the year when he rode over.

Just a few more photos to add to the video…..

We met up Friday am and headed up the Columbia River Gorge.

Riding out the Windy Ridge hwy 99 road.. toward Mt Saint Helens.

Amazing to me how much of the devastation you can still see after 30 years….

Very Cool view of the mountain, and it was Hot and Sunny for Sam.

Mt Adams in the distance


We stayed the night in Ashville, Wa and then rode into the Mt Rainier National Park in the morning.

Sam checking in online.

Wahooo! Cool National Parks in my own area. Sam had never been there.

Mt Rainier

Sam got his Junior Ranger badge.

And a photo for LadyBug

Then a stop at the LeMay Auto Museum

over the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.

waiting for the Ferry in Port Townsend

And a “sunny” Western Washington day.