13 days and I will be flying back to Quito, Ecuador to continue my journey on the road. It is amazing how any thoughts and feelings go through your mind as big dates like this approach. All the details to finish up before being gone, plans, anxiety about being back on the road, foreign lands with different cultures, language, food, etc.

I know the feelings well, and know once I get back settled on the road that it will be “normal” again. The relative ease of living in the “Normal” US for a bit of time now makes this seem more difficult.

But the rewards of a motorcycle ride around the world will last me my lifetime. One of my favorite quotes is “on their deathbed, no one ever said they wished they worked more hours”!! and my sig line “live a little before you die”!

It is also hard leaving family and friends. My step son is having difficulties as he tries to figure out how to live his life. He is moving today to another state and is in a bit of panic about the move and life. I feel for him as he goes through this but hope and pray that he can work it all out. Life is certainly hard, and not really meant to be easy.

Stay tuned for more……..

Someone posted this on Facebook. Love it. It is how I feel about travel……… with a bit more technology. Watch the video!