Left my phone in the sun…. Yikes

But it cooled down and works fine.

Back in the NW and enjoying being home. Giving my friend a tour of the area as we are now up in Washington on Whidbey Island 🙂

Started out with a drive up around Mt Saint Helens….

But unfortunately the Windy Ridge road was closed

So we explored around the National park, saw some cool waterfalls.

Even saw some snow…..

Water was really cold…. But she wanted to wade in and give it a try.

Clear and cold!!

Then took the drive up to Paradise….. Mt Rainer was beautiful!!

On the drive, taking in the freedom of speech along the way.

And some more of nature!

Working our way closer to the mountain!

Fun making a tiny snowman :loll

Enjoying the mountain at Paradise area.

Loving being back in the mountains

Stayed at Paradise lodge.

Beautiful area…..

Wake up to a sunny morning on the mountain (was snowing last week here !!)

Then around the mountain to Sunrise

Always taking photos….

Mount Rainer from Sunrise.

More snow

It is amazing touring around your hometown state. Incredible place to grow up!

After a drive through the parks, it is time to get up to Whidbey Island. Staying up here for a few days.

Stopped for a great lunch on Lake Union.

Mukilteo Ferry……

My GS is in the shop for a final drive seal and to rebuild the rear shock Blew it out on my ride down to California. My car is in the shop for new struts and an oil leak

yikes being home has all the realities of the costs of life. Feels very different from being on they road. More Later!