Buenos Aires

You have to like big cities……

It is a great place to hang out and enjoy some local sightseeing. I am also working on all the logistics for the next step of this Adventure. So I have been getting all my paperwork in order for a Carnet, Shipping for the bike through Dakar Motors arranged, working on all the flights and other logistics that I will be doing to be set up again. Lots of information to read, figure out and then decide to do. So far it is all coming together really well. But still a great deal to still get settled!

Of course, Logistics and decision making is always part of this kind of trip. Managing the plan, changes, the financial costs to all of it, and the personal decisions of how long, when, how etc. It can be overwhelming somethings especially as you consider all the options. One step at a time!

We were walking down the main street 9 de Julio and nearby to me a woman Gasped, I turned and saw a guy running like man down the street behind us. Was not clear what happen, but then she told her daughter who was walking in front of us that he had snatched her Necklace …. Welcome to any big city. I never go out with more money than I need for the day, copy of passport and discreet small camera. But it is a great city. lots of people watching and things to see and do (if you like cities, and I do. But I also love being away from it all too! best of both worlds for me!

Some things while traveling you really want and need to see. Iguazu Falls in Argentina was on my “list” of must see’s. Since I am running out of time in South America (and actually I have reached a place that I am ready to move onto the next place after more than a 8 months here. it is not because I am not enjoying it, but once you start thinking about and moving toward to next phase, it just happens that you start feeling like ti is time).

So I decided to fly up to Iguazu Falls with my Kiwi Friends Dick and his son Gavin so that I could see it and not spend the one to two weeks that it would take to do it by moto. (it is about 1,800 Km north of BA).

Iguazu Falls looking from the Brazil side to the Argentinian Side

So we set it all up with transfers, hotel etc. Not my preferred style of travel, but I wanted to make sure I did not miss it!

So many angles to view the various waterfalls and drop offs.

Like Niagara falls lots of young couples…..

Viewpoints at different levels…

Dick and his son Gavin taking a photo on the Brazil side….. Huge

The falls actually is at the point that Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay touch. But the falls is on Argentina and Brazil soil.

Devils Throat is the place the falls are divided.

Since you are tropical there are many animals in the national park. But I did not get a photo of a Tucan

The next day we did an all day tour of the Argentinian side including a jet boat ride into the falls

So many different and stunning views.

One of the many platforms in which to see the falls.

A small guage train moves people around the park.

Tourist taking photos of tourists :lol

We will be like the boat that is coming out of the bottom of the waterfalls wash….

Then the boat trip to get a bit wet! That’s Dick and his son Gavin in front of me!

We were headed into the big falls water wash just ahead of us.

Lots of water!

everyone is wet but happy….. trying to capture the moment with their cameras.

It was a great trip up and back to see the falls. as with many tourist spots it is great, but you pay for the experience and all the other people wanting to see it as well.