Good Morning World…… (or evening, night etc)

Just spending a couple days in Cape Town getting some things sorted out.

Had to laugh this morning as Jorg says, “some guy started a new ride report in South Africa…… and he has a photo in Die Hel that has your sticker in it

I was speaking with Chris at Flying Brick Yesterday, and he was telling me about TechnomadnicJim. Might be fun to follow along.

spot the RM sticker

Got all my Gear washed up so the the dust and Sand from Namibia is gone (well mostly).

Cloths all cleaned up!

New shoes on the bike

Had to run to the mall to sort out a few things….. Loved the Moto parking right at the front door!

Then I rode out to the second BMW dealer, as my BMW Rallye gloves had some stitching that was coming apart. Donfords BMW was great in replacing them under warranty! Thanks Philip for the help!! (They even did it while their power was out… paperwork later!).

About to go for some short rides around the area…. Just enjoying the downtime to get caught up!