From Chile Chico we decided to keep heading north. We took the ferry to Rio Ibanez.

Awoke early. Ah…. Another Sunny day ahead of us!!

The ferry left at 8am so we arrived at 7am and got loaded right onto the boat. Most all the ferries just have front and rear ramps and a concrete apron that the land at. No real dock.

Bikes parked so we can enjoy the beautiful sunny day!

Youngest Ollie and Me as we head out of Chile Chico.

Youngest Ollie and his new Ruta 40 sticker that he “notched” in honor of his first “crash”!

Couple hours on the boat, and then we are off and riding.

The Caraterra Austral is a beautiful ride!! especially when you have good weather

Note…. Not a cloud in the sky as we ride north.

As we are setting up the photo this little goat wanders up. I tell Ollie, Pick it up for a photo!

New Passenger?

Then some other people stop and want a photo with a goat. We help them get a photo.

Then we ride ….. And enjoy the switchbacks and the view.

At the top of the hill we see some bikers and decide to stop and take a photo and say hello. As I pull up they see my Oregon plate. and one guy says that the others guys are from Oregon….. As Alain approaches we flash recognition ….. He lives in West Linn, Oregon and is on ADV, and is the part owner in La Provence restaurant which is 5 minutes from my house! I helped him years ago with an HID mod on his GS, and here we are in Chile…. Small world indeed!! His son tells me… he had been following my ride for 8 months Crazy small world!

They had been riding the Caraterra Austral headed south and had lots of rain, today was the first day of sunshine! Was great running into them!! Such a cool part of ADV is meeting, connecting and sharing the ride with others of like mind!

Then riding ….. The Caraterra is a mix of paved sections and “ripio”. Reminds me of riding in the PNW

We take a coffee break in Coihaique, and Meet up with Tim who is an Expat Brit living here. He is a rider and on Horizon Unlimited. Sherri Jo Wilkins has had a break down, and ordered a new fuel pump delivered to Tim’s house here. I picked it up and took it over the border to get it closer to her bike. Tim is a great guy with a dream of having a Biker BAr/Hangout/workshop here on the Caraterra Austral! Hope he gets this going!

Tim interested in Youngest Ollies travels and ride.

Another great and helpful rider!! Thanks Tim. Only wish we had more time to hang out with you!

The bikes always attract attention. These women were in the coffee shop talking about our bikes….. We had to get them on the bike for a few photos!

After a long stop we continue on to enjoy the day of riding in the incredible weather!!

Felt like home with the Mountains and Lakes

Back onto the gravel.

Hanging Glacier Ahead.

We arrived Puyuhuapi and stayed at the Casa Ludwig B&B Great place along the lake with a really interesting history!

And another great day finished off with a great Steak dinner!