Chasing the Sun

Chasing the Sun

I was planning on going to Stuart Island, but the rain was coming in for the weekend, and so I decided to continue to follow the sun! Headed East to explore the Caitlins Reserve on my way to Dunedin.

Even had a herd of cattle to sit through as they passed down the rural road!

Right along the coastal road.

Some beautiful bays.

With some sweeping views of the ocean….

Some gravel roads as I explore the area

Perfect day for riding!! The colors were vivid and contrasting!

I found the very southern point of the south Island

Just enjoyed the ride along the coast.

Great roads, and scenery in the Caitlins

Including Nugget Point and Lighthouse

Looking down. See the little Zodiac??

As I rolled along the hwy heading toward Dunedin…….. Just finished passing a bunch of RV’s and Car in a passing lane, then

Appears that I was tooling along a bit fast…. and I now will be paying an Unwanted Donation to the Dudedin tax reserves

I had chuckled to myself that I show break out the “No Smoking English” in my best broken spanish and see what happens… Then I thought better as I might end up in jail.

My Policeman was very nice, but no chance in not writing the ticket. This was my first ticket in 18 months on the road, some 55,000 miles or so…. Since my last performance award. Bummer…. But not unwarranted .

He told me it was Friday of a Holiday weekend…. Oh well, on to Dunedin.

Cool town. Had a evening checking out downtown. My room with a view.

Had dinner in an Irish pub.

and Stayed at the Hogwartz Hostel.

Another great day, sun was out, nice rural roads with lots of twists and turns! Great scenery! Just following the Sun!