While in Christchurch we walked around to see the Red Zone downtown, which is all blocked off with the damaged building. There are many areas of the city and homes that can no longer be lived in. Still thinking about the devastation that is still visible 2 years later. Rebuilding has a heavy price for the People of Christchurch and NZ

Then up early. Remember….. Spent my second night in “jail”

Then I headed off in the morning to ride over Arthur’s Pass to teh west coast to meet up with another rider who is planning a world ride.

Across the plain toward to mountains. Enjoying the early morning sun. I love the experiences as I ride my moto. The smells of the farming, the early chill, then the warming sunshine, the wind, the beauty of the sceneries unfolding before me, and of course the people I have the pleasure of interacting with along this journey.

I stopped for a cup of coffee in Springfield at the foothills. The lady that ran the place told me it would be raining in the pass…. I told her I was meeting a friend on the west coast for lunch….. “Be careful she said, or have your friend ride this way ” But I carried on as I wanted to ride this road…

Nice road as I wind up into the mountains. The rocks at Cass where really cool.

Just wide open spaces. I see rain in the mountains head, but it is a great ride!

As I roll up and over the pass, no rain, and nice views.

Then I get to the coast road.

The reason I rode this way, was to meet up with Tulletha. She is in the process of planning and then making a solo journey around the world. She had contacted Dick Hubbard after being inspired by his Cereal Box Notes about there adventures from Alaska to Ushuaia.

Was fun to share in her excitement of the big journey ahead! If you want to check out her FB page and blog. But she will be updating her Website in the future as she plans to start her trip Oct 2014! Bookmark it 🙂



We will wish here well on her trip, and of course when she arrives in the US ….. Hopefully the ADV community will help her out!