Christmas Eve 2012

Trying to get caught up on my ride after my antarctica trip. I arrived back in town and had booked an apartment with 3 other moto riders for the Christmas and New Year Holiday!

The neighbors kid below had a nice sign on their door.

Got to the place and it was a good reunion! Young James, Sherri Jo, Claude, and Slowphil. Was really great to share the Christmas Holiday with friends and fellow Riders!

Then Christmas Eve afternoon, Young James put on the Santa suit that he purchased and we took a ride. We rode toward the Glacier area, and with some real luck with happened upon a sleigh, made for some great photos!

Radioman and Santa in Ushuaia

I have some hysterical video riding through Ushuaia behind Santa. Hope to get a little video edited this week.

For Christmas day we had invited all the Motorcyclists that we ran into along the way and in town to stop by for some food and drinks! I think we had about 30 people show up!! Fantastic!

Christmas Morning Sherri Jo and Young James opened their gifts (actually they were things that I had carried for them from Equador ).

And Sherri Jo surprised me with a nice gift.

Trying to get a photo with the bikers…. From US, Canada, UK, Greece, Poland, Australia, Germany.

The first to arrive. Mike from UK, and Sterio from Greece

Young James and some of the German riders.

Riders chatting along as the afternoon rolled on.

Everyone trying to get a photo….

One of the riders from Germany had decorated their bike for the holiday!!

Young James had strange noise, and decided to have a look……

More advice than he needed

We enjoyed the holiday and a little time in the Dublin Pub Was a great way to relax and share the holidays!! So glad Sherri Jo got the place set up.

Few days Later, Claude was off for Buenos Aires…… Leaving 4 of us to ring in the new year!!