Mark, I found it curious that you haven’t mentioned the military check points much. I remember several while in Baja last May, and I imagined the mainland to be full of them. Have they just not been an issue, or have there not been many?

BTW, my fellow outta sight racing team member Alex, “Docsprocket” is coming up on your 6 pretty fast, might keep an eye out for them…

Hello OC,

We have gone through many Military checkpoints. You cannot take photos, so I have not written much. We are stopped, and they ask for paperwork or a quick check in our bags, or we are just waved through.

We have also gone through Federale, and Police road blocks. We have found them friendly but business like. They do not always speak English. There all have lots of guns including some very serious gun emplacements. We have just figured they are doing there job given the issues Mexico has been having, and we are not really of concern.

Just another day on the road for us!! Thanks for asking.



It’s a pleasure to see you and Sam continuing to explore the southern reaches of our continent as you head into another one.

For the last couple of days I’ve been contemplating the impact of people I’ve met and communicated with on ADV. Amanda Cassidy’s (Macushla) had a big impact on me and a number of people here, just as you have.

You are one of those people that makes each person feel special. You appreciate people for who they are and work to find the good in everyone. Like Amanda, your consideration of others and what you can put into the stream of life is bred in the bone. You leave more than you take – and yet you know how to receive as well. It has been an honor getting to know you and follow your journey. Thanks for taking us along and – via con dios!

Wow. Thanks for the very kind comment, I am humbled. I have received so much generosity and it is humbling. But it has also made me more aware how valuable being generous to others really is. Thanks.