Have been writing this blog for over 2 1/2 years now, almost daily. Sharing my life and trying to be real and from the heart about the Journey I have been on. Started as a cared from Chris for 5 years, then into this amazing ride adventure. Here are a few of the comments from some of the other that have been riding along with me. I am humbled and grateful for the people who have followed along and shared this part of my life.


Thanks for letting us live vicariously through your adventures.

I know that I am looking forward to the next chapter, no matter what that may be.

Enjoy the end of this journey and look forward to the start of the next one.

If you find yourself in the Midwest, know that at least a few of us have places for you to lay your head and adventures of our own to share with you.



Mark…I stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago, and have now “caught up with you”! A truly inspiring journey, and knowing I will never have the guts to do anything like this myself…I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing it !!

Wishing you a safe onward journey into life.


Stuart ( “Old” South Wales UK !!)


It is and was absolutely great to follow your blog and am sorry to see that your fun run is coming to an end. I am from South Africa and enjoyed you SA part very much especially when you arrive at Cape Agulhas area, where I am from. Enjoy every minute of the remainder of your trip and I hope we will be able to keep track of you till you’re back here in the USA. When you’re in the Atlanta area please feel free to contact us if you feel like a great South African meal.

Safe travels

It’s been a great time following you. I would echo all the previous posts and add thank you, for easing us into this transition.

Mark – sad to see your RR is ending but happy that your journey is continuing, just in a different direction. I’m glad I got to ride with you for a spell. All the best. David

You’re gonna be here before the holidays????

I’d better hurry up and clear a space on the floor so you can set up that fancy cot and you can rest up from the PHC ride.

I’m glad you’ve had a great ride and are finding your way to a new chapter!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled broadcast to bring you this musical tribute to the stunning announcement that Radioman’s journey is coming to end. We kick it off we a celebration of the open road. We follow it with Radioman’s northwest neighbors Heart, and dedicate it to the Long Journey both Chris and Mark have taken in their lives. We bid thee farewell with British music royalty singing The End. Here on the Radioman Network.

I’m sad that Radioman’s great RR will be discontinued soon. Thank you Radioman so much for sharing. Wish you good luck in the next chapter of your life, be in good health, always surrounded by kindly people.

Kind Regards,

Hey Radioman

I’ve been lurking this thread for quite a while. I really enjoyed reading your stories and seeing photos of your travels. A true inspiration!

I wish you the very best for the future!



We often resist the turning of the pages of life because of the comfort we have in staying in the same chapter. But that is not how a book gets read or a life lived. I know when college ends, children are born, loved ones lost, that we are sometimes forced into the next chapter.

Most of the time, we would prefer the comfort of no change. I can’t tell you how much I have grown as a person when I had to deal with “forced” change. Much like when it’s time for eaglets to fly the Momma eagle actually brings rocks and sticks into the nest purposely making it uncomfortable for them to stay.

Mark, you have shown me (and us in ADV community) that turning the pages to the next chapter is life and to embrace it! The safe move would have been to stay in the nest back home, but somehow or someway your nest was stirred to enable you to fly off for adventure. You my friend are a true adventurer……………

ps – pm me whenever you head through AZ, let’s ride!

Awesome! Inspirational! Motivational! Splendid! Emotional! Wonderful!…

Too many superlatives to describe your ride report! WELL DONE!!!

Thanks for allowing us to follow along with you on this chapter of your life. The friends you have made, the lives you have touched, across the globe, priceless. Owing you so much more then a handshake and a pat on the back for a job (chapter) well done. Mark when in Los Angeles, please contact me, my offer still stands, if a dinner, a bed, or airport pickup, suits you. Or any level of assistance, just ask.

Onwards & upwards!

Mike B

Downey, CA

Radioman (Mark),

Thanks for letting us come along on your journey. I have been following almost from the beginning. Your’s is an inspiring tale.

I hope you can let us know when you are in the Los Angeles area. I would love to meet you for part of the ride and buy you an adult beverage or two.


Thanks mark

Enjoyed your report greatly. All the best for the future

Regards angus

Radioman (Mark),

Thanks for letting us come along on your journey. I have been following almost from the beginning. Your’s is an inspiring tale.

I hope you can let us know when you are in the Los Angeles area. I would love to meet you for part of the ride and buy you an adult beverage or two.


Like the rest, sad to see your report ending but interested to see how the next chapter starts! If you need anything or someone to buy you lunch near San Luis Obispo on your trip up the PCH feel free to drop me a line. I live just south of SLO.


The last time I posted was not long after you passed thru the Texas panhandle and it was 107 degrees, I think. Look what has happened in your life since. Its been very special keeping up with your adventure. Looking forward to more as your life continues with this great sport of motorcycling.



I go out of town for a few days and come back to the end of the journey?

And what an amazing journey it has been!

Thanks so much for taking us along:

We moved from Orcutt down to Buellton. Bigger house within walking distance to brewery and winery. Lots of good riding and bicycling around here. You are welcome any time!

Sandy and Dana

WOW….. Amazing to me!

That is just a few of the comments…. so many I cannot put them all in. But it is the power of the internet at it’s best. Connecting people and the journey’s of our lives!

More to come!