Puerto Natales

Nice sunrise over Puerto Natales.

The glow on the mountains was awesome!

Ken and I spent the afternoon the day before on the rooftop deck enjoying the views!

More Postcards sent out for little Reese. Hope in some small way it will help brighten their days!

We stayed here, and headed off in the morning to Cerro Sombero …… Tierra Del Fuego

The wind was blowing …. hard to capture a good photo of how much wind there is but it is a great deal with gusts….

Stopped for a nice Coffee along the way. Sign post tells us how far away we are.

Did I say it was windy?

Yes but I am really south in South America seems a bit unreal. Still worth a windy jump!

We arrive at the northern ferry crossing the narrows of Magellan onto Tierra Del Fuego

At the ferry “dock” we meet up with Robbie from NY. He has been riding as long as I have on a 1975 Honda CB500. After introductions and such, he sees a “radiomanridestheworld” sticker on my bike and says; “your Radioman”…. “Your famous”

The ferry arrives:

We ride on and off we go.

Look where I am!

The excitement is building. Just 445 KM to Ushuaia.