Always seems to be some celebration going on in Antigua. Fireworks going off at all hours. On my way home from volcano hike, there was a “parade”.

Having connected with many motorcyclist from all over the world. And the instant communications that we have these days, I had been in contact with Sherri Jo Wilkins as she rode into Guatemala. Our schedules crossed, and she stayed at Casa Cristina. She has been riding the world for about 18 months…. Has quite a story.

Was great to meet up with another rider and share my knowledge of Antigua with her. Started with a walk around the corner to the Local Tienda that serves lunch in the back room. inexpensive but really good.

You have to slide through the narrow space between the merchandise and into the back …… Love It

As our food arrives, Sherri pulls out her camera for a Cuisine shot. Glad I am not the only one who does this
Food was great again!!

Then took a walk to find the Ruins that BerkleyPete was taking about. Checked out where his family stayed when he and his wife got married.

On her way into Antigua Sherri had seen this market. So we wandered over there so she could check out the local artisans.

The products are hand made and very colorful.

Sherri was having a good time checking things out. And it was fun to watch her buy a few items….. She started with a few colorful bracelets….

Then moved on to the hand carved and painted Masks….. Watching the negotiations was fun too

What a cool place to hang out for a bit.

Then down to the main street El Arco…. and another artisan “mall” but much more expensive on the main street.

It had lots of interesting item. But I am not buying anything I cannot carry

There was this artwork on the walls that looked religious …. just scanned it, but then it struck me there were some really graphic subjects… Wow. “Did you see that Sherri?” She said not until she did a close up shot We were both a bit shocked….

Sherri was approached by this young girl who was an amazing sales girl. Tried to get a photo of the interaction, but was too early in the process for her….. She was working for the sales.

Sherri was not really sure she “needed” the scarfs…. But this girl kept up, with some great sales lines. Christmas, for your sister, two for 100, then 2 for 80…. You buy more it is cheaper….. it went on for the better part of the block.

Finally …. Sherri bought two scarves from her. I was able to get a photo of the two of them after the sale on Sherri’s camera. It was a great interaction and we both had a good laugh at how well this girl did to sell her product 🙂

And a beautiful Bride and Groom taking photos on the main square.